Membership Information

ESDC Membership Benefits Information

Emerald Sea Dive Club promotes the benefits and gratification of responsible scuba diving in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Based in Edmonds, our club members reside all around the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands. Our members incorporate a broad spectrum of dive interests, levels of experience/certification and age groups. Through guest speakers and continuing education, ESDC encourages and advocates dive safety and the enjoyment of the underwater world.

Benefits of Belonging to the ESDC

  • We promote continuing education in diving and will reimburse current members $15 towards successful completion of an advanced certification, including advanced, rescue, EFR, DAN O2 and more.
  • If you ditch & lose(cannot be recovered safely) your weightbelt during an emergency on a Club dive the Club will reimburse you up to $75 to replace it. Does not include any accessories attached to the weightbelt. Effective 1/1/98
  • Every time you sponsor a club dive your name "goes into a hat" and twice a year a raffle will be held and one person from each drawing will receive $50.00 from ESDC as a Thank You for sponsoring dives, friendships, and fun!
  • The Club supports Divers Alert Network (DAN) annually. Club members are encouraged to join/support DAN.
  • The chance to hang out with some really cool people.
  • Opportunity to serve on the Board.

Membership Dues

  • Individual membership $30 annually, due February 1st.
  • Family membership (2 or more members residing at the same address) $47 annually, due February 1st.
  • Make checks payable to Emerald Sea Dive Club, membership application must accompany check.
  • Pay at the monthly meeting or Mail to: 

    Emerald Sea Dive Club
    P.O. Box 73
    Edmonds, WA 98020

Membership Application

For your convenience you may print out the application, complete it, sign it and mail to the above address with your dues.

Click Here for the application.

Legal Stuff

I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that SCUBA/skin diving can be dangerous. The possibility of serious injury or death is present. The proper use of equipment and techniques can be used to greatly minimize these risks. Emerald Sea Dive Club promotes safe diving practices in its activities, but cannot guarantee that accidents will not occur.

I FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE that it is the responsibility of each diver to ensure that they follow accepted diving practices and to maintain the safety of their own diving equipment. Each diver should evaluate every diving situation with respect to his or her skill level and decline to participate if there is any doubt of performing a safe dive.

I FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE that I am a voluntary participant in Emerald Sea Dive Club events, and in siging this release I take full responsibility for my own actions. I understand that Emerald Sea Dive Club, its members and officers, are not liable for injury or death that may occur during club activities.

I DO HEREBY AGREE AND HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY the Emerald Sea Dive Club, its members or its officers, including but not limited to Club members who provide their boats for Club activities, for any injuries or damages that I, my equipment, my family, heirs or assigns may suffer as a result of Emerald Sea Dive Club activities, including SCUBA/skin diving.

The scope of this indemnity and hold harmless agreement includes both ordinary and gross negligence.